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Restoring the Family Unit

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Restoring The Family Unit


Restoring The Family Unit:  

Learn How to Bring Your Family Back to its CREATED PURPOSE!

This is the latest release from Dr Harris and you are invited to purchase your personal copy.  There will be a limited number of copies available.  In this release, Dr Harris shows you how to take your family from dysfunctional to functional with practical steps to implement today! 

Dr Harris reminds us that the success and failure of our families cannot be placed on racism, unjust laws, or a plot by the system.  There is no one that can stop you from having a successful family life!  

Never Quit

NEVER QUIT:  10 Tools Necessary for a Lifetime of Love in Marriage

No one enters into a marriage with the thought of it not working.  People enter into marriage because there is something they want to experience forever.  There are specific traits that people love about others that gives them the desire to spend their life with that person.

Unfortunately, too many marriages fail because men and women lose sight of what they love.  Instead, most people focus on the immaturity of others, their lack of consideration for their needs, and even what personal offenses have occurred.

If you purpose in your mind to NEVER QUIT on the vow you voluntarily made, focus on the things that you love about your spouse, and the future that you desire to have, you will make it.  This book gives you 10 tools that you can practically apply to your marriage today and for the remainder of your marriage.  If you apply these tools without regret - YOU WILL HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE.
American Society

American Society:  The Enemy of the Family Structure [2nd Edition]

We are living in a world where we have unlimited choices.  Some of those choices include smart phones, tablets, fashion, cars, houses, entertainment, relationships, and where we attend church.  If you have the resources, time, and energy, then you afford yourself the opportunity to enjoy many of those choices.  If you are able to isolate these things, then you know that there is nothing wrong with them.  We run into issues when those material possessions and people become idols in our lives.

Our society promotes idolism and narcissism and it is destroying the stability of our families.  Through media and political influence, we are being conditioned to believe that you can do and say whatever you want - without repercussion.

Parents have lost control of their children, children have no respect for anyone nor anything, we are overly consumed with social media, politicians continue to make decisions that show their true interests, and homosexuality has legally made its way into our educational system.

However, there remains hope for our futures.  Your failures and successes are all within your ability to determine.  If you can equip yourself with the right tools and the understanding of how to utilize them you will succeed.  This book equips you with a practical approach to changing your life and that of your family!
First Ed.  American Society

American Society

1st Edition