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Beyond The 4 Walls




Posted on May 30, 2014 at 1:15 PM

How Are You!

The runner who has chosen the hurdles as their speciality event in track knows this one thing:  they have multiple obstacles in their way that must be overcome.  The obstacles are the hurdles.  It takes a combination of speed, agility, and timing to cross the hurdles with success.  The hurdles must be jumped over.  If the runner goes underneath or goes around the hurdle, then they have failed to complete the event properly.

In life, we are faced with hurdles that challenge our mental and physical abilities.  If we refuse to face these hurdles head on, then we are only prolonging the issues.  Sometimes, the hurdles in our lives seem insurmountable, but that is the key to overcoming them.  Realizing that it just "seems" that way.  Hurdles can cause emotional and physical pain, but it is just for a moment.  As the cliche says, "Trouble don't last always". 

Be encouraged to know that the hurdle in your life is meant to make you better.  I challenge you to train harder, get in shape, get mentality tough, and face your hurdle head on!

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