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Beyond The 4 Walls



Overcoming the Stronghold

Posted on October 3, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Good morning to you!


I am so excited to bring another blog to you - especially on this topic. Everything that I speak about, I prefer to have direct experience on the subject because that makes me more effective. Before we get into what it is to overcome a stronghold, let’s first define what a stronghold is and can be in your life.


A stronghold is a defined as a fortress or a strongly fortified defensive structure. The purpose of a stronghold is to defend against intruders and it is not easy to overcome such a defense. Strongholds need to be identified if they are ever to be overcome. So, the question on the table is this, what is the stronghold in your life? What is that one thing that seems to knock you back every time? What is that one thing that you know doesn’t benefit you, but you find yourself engaged again and again? Is it unhealthy eating habits? Is it television? Is it lying or cheating? Whatever it is, you can have the victory.


Let me share a person account of victory from my own life. We live in an age where human interaction isn’t as valuable as it once was years ago, but human interaction continues to remain to be a necessary part of society because of the relationships that exist. Marriage is one of the necessary relationships that we have and this is my testimony of victory.


As a man and husband in my marriage, I didn’t always value the art of communication, so unfortunately, my wife was on the receiving end of some disrespectful communication. At the time, I didn’t believe that I was a person that spoke with disrespect and I didn’t want to hear if you thought I was. I just knew that I had it all together. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where others you love were trying to tell you something about a potentially negative or offensive quality? I’ll take a chance and guess that you probably didn’t appreciate it. I know for me, it made me very offended because I just thought I had it together.


As time went by, I found myself going through the same issues over and over. I mean, it felt as if I was having the same conversation about those issues every few days! When you are a person that is led by the Lord and is seeking to become all that you were created to be, there will come a time when you start to hear past the words of others and hear the voice of the Lord calling for you to draw closer to him. As you draw closer to the Lord, the strongholds in your life become more apparent. They become more apparent because as you desire more of the Lord, He brings those things to your attention that are preventing you from moving forward.


Those things are strongholds because they are preventing you from effectively operating in your purpose. My stronghold was disrespectfully talking to my wife and a demeaning approach to her because of the arrogance in heart. I thought I had all the answers - especially towards her. When you live with someone 24 hours a day, eventually you will become yourself - no matter how good or ugly your traits are.


Looking back, I can see and appreciate all the ways that she tried to let me know what how those strongholds were straining our marriage; however, I am eternally thankful that God gave her the patience to love me and my inability to see the strongholds on my life.


So, how did I overcome the strongholds you are wondering? Well, it didn’t start until I asked the Lord to help me see and understand the things about myself that were causing division in the marriage that I wanted. When that became my prayer, and no moment sooner, I was finally able to hear the concern of my wife. I was not only able to hear her, I was able to appreciate how it effected her and that made me sorrowful that I was that way. From that point, I made it my business to intentionally respond in a manner that she could appreciate. I sought ways to respond in a manner that showed her that I was concerned about our marriage and the improvement of it.


This is the only way to undo those mighty fortresses in your life that are keeping you from effectively living in your created purpose. You have to want to have anything out of your life that God is not pleased with and that comes through prayer, fellowship with other believers, and an honest effort to resist those things in your life. If you don’t want to resist, you will not. I don’t care how much you pray. God doesn’t force you to serve Him - it is voluntary.


We all have to start somewhere, so don’t be overwhelmed or discouraged by the strongholds in your life. Romans 3:23 says ,”For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” What will you do from this point is the question? Remain encouraged! God loves and so do I!



~ Dr Harris

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