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Beyond The 4 Walls




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The word snitch is a word that is associated with very strong feelings. The associated feelings around this term can and has led to death - at least that is a reality in poor black communities. I would love to learn if the term snitch has such negativity associated with it in other communities. The term snitch is defined as one who is an informer or a thief. This actually is quite humorous considering the context in which is it used. Even without knowing the “definition” of the word you can tell what people mean when they use it. It is usually delivered with some level of disapproval and sarcasm. I did not know that there was a second meaning to this word. Discovering that snitch is also defined as a “thief” is actually right on point with what I see in the black community.


People are called snitches because they report on an injustice that they previously witnessed or experienced personally. This injustice can be in the form of drug dealing, rape, theft, or even murder. Without knowing it, they are actually utilizing the term in both contexts correctly. Those who hate “snitches” label an individual, or group of individuals, who inform others of wrongdoing and they are stealing from their own community by prohibiting those “snitches” to identify the injustice, or evil, they witnessed. There is this warped sense of perceived honor in not exposing laws that have been broken. It’s funny how the “black” community (generally speaking) wants to call on the government to provide them with food, finances, and shelter, but they refuse to call upon the government to handle issues where the laws are broken.


Please hear my heart here! I understand that there is a trust issue between the “system”, which includes the police, but what long term benefit is there to keeping silent about something illegal? We are living in real time, not a fantasyland void of consequences to our actions. Taking the law into your own hands is a choice you could make, but how many times will you be able to do that before that is no longer and option?


As a community of black people, we must do better! If you want to rise above the pressure of society and the “system”, you must seek to educate yourself! By no means have I arrived, but I have an understanding of the bigger picture and I adjust according to what this society deals me – without compromising my character and integrity. This was a process for me to get accustomed to! I use to complain about the injustices that I experienced first hand. I spent more time contemplating on the injustices than ways to move beyond them. I learned that if I wanted something different, then I had to do something different.


I believe that God created the heavens, the earth, and man! Everything that God created was created with a beneficial purpose in mind – INCLUDING YOU! You do have purpose to your life and part of your purpose is learning to do things in order! Doing what is right does not minimize your character, but adds to it. Doing want is right does not make you weaker, but in fact, it makes you stronger. The more you do the right thing, the easier it becomes! Do not allow the pressures of society to prohibit you from doing the right thing.


~ Dr Harris




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